Mental health and housing : joined up thinking for 21st Century  community mental health ....   
“ Robin Johnson has become the David Attenborough of supported housing in mental health. You can almost imagine him in a crumpled suit, hunkered down in the garden of some small run-down former vicarage , and positively brimming with hushed enthusiasm for the discovery of yet another example of a creative community of souls, deep in the urban jungle somewhere....”

“ Robin was the Wainwright of the inner city; he went were no-one had gone  before, and showed us things we had never thought to see before.
Robin’s other past involvements

Whilst on secondment to NSIP, RJA’s Robin Johnson was one of the technical advisers to the Dept Health and the Social Exclusion Task Force in the development of National Indicator 149 ( on mental health and settled accommodation) for the Public Service Agreement on Socially Excluded Adults, PSA 16. His article on local priority areas for action appears in the RJA publications section.  

Robin has since worked with the Dept of Health on identifying the evidence base for the impact of housing interventions on individual and community mental health. (See Publications and Thinkpieces) He worked with GOEM on identifying local examples of effective inclusion practice for the GOEM “Inclusion Awards”.  He was then one of the principal authors for the joint CLG/NMHDU good practice guidance on meeting the psychological and emotional needs of homeless people, and of the follow up  operational guidance  on “Psychologically Informed Services”. Since then, he has been one of the principal contributors to our practice exchange website, the PIELink.

Top: The Gestalt psychologists used images such as this, of a two faces becoming a vase, to reveal the operation of the mind in actively constructing the meaning of what we think we simply “see”; and to demonstrate how oddly difficult it may be to hold in mind two apparently incompatible images. We now find that many have a similar difficulty in seeing the links between mental health, housing, and community.......

Bottom right: The Arkwright Building at Nottingham Trent. It is believed that DH Lawrence, a student here, must have used the basement  toilets.


Robin continues in his research work via Nottingham Trent University, in the Business School; and with the Institute of Mental Health, at Nottingham University, where he is developing the “Milieux for Well-Being” programme, extending the work on psychologically informed environments to further fields...


He also continues in his role as editor of the journal of Housing, Care and Support.  A collection of his HC&S editorials, alongside his many publications as R&D lead at RJA, will be featured on the “Publications “ pages.