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Mental health and housing : joined up thinking for 21st Century  community mental health ....   
Welcome to the RJA consultancy website.

RJA  is a specialist research and development practice covering all the issues that arise at the interface of mental health and housing services; and especially in closing the gaps between.

We have advised and worked with central (and regional) government departments and local and national agencies, seeking ways to improve communication, co-operation and co-ordination between housing and mental health services. We work both at policy and strategic levels, and in day-to-day practice.

We work with general needs and specialist housing and support services, mental health services, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and others to develop and deliver new initiatives at what we believe to be now the cutting edge of modernization in public health and community care.

We have also undertaken evidence and good practice evaluations for the Dept of Health and/or its subsidiaries; and small-scale research in areas such as action learning, needs analysis and opportunity mapping which are immediately relevant to this key aspect of the social determinants of health.


Of particular interest currently is the idea of a ?/span>psychologically informed environment?- a concept that we developed originally for our work with the UK Dept of Communities and Local Government and the National Mental Health Development Unit for their recent (2010) guidance on meeting the psychological and emotional needs of homeless people.  

We also contributed extensively to the follow up operational guidance  on developing PIEs, published in Spring 2012; and guest edited the special issue on PIEs in the summer edition of the Journal of Housing Care and Support. The papers from this special issue are now collected and available via our practice share website, the PIELink.

This work on PIEs nevertheless forms only one part of a wider project that we have been undertaking with the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists on identifying and promoting the key characteristics of an ?/span>enabling environment? For more on these issues, see Publications and Thinkpieces.


Nevertheless our interests are not restricted to commissioned projects. We undertake considerable amount of pro bono work, and we continue to use this web site - pro tem - both to promote innovative practice, and to  signpost interested parties towards other valuable sources and resources.

We remain deeply committed to sponsoring and undertaking research in all aspects, and the founder of RJA, Robin Johnson, is now a visiting fellow at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, and at the International Centre for Public Service Management at Nottingham Trent.

For more details and examples of our extensive interests, consultancy services, and our recent and future research and development work programme, browse through the site via the buttons to the left.

Main office:
Antenna Media Centre,   
Beck Street,  
RJA Consultancy
For news of developments, and especially of progress with the new site, see New at RJA.
Keywords: housing : mental health : accommodation : strategy: strategic  needs analysis : research: policy development : Supporting People; opportunity audit : psychologically informed environment; enabling environment; social determinants of health
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